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IIIf BD (early, 1950) / 5cm elmar 1:3.5 (red scale elmar) / 5.0cm SBOOI finder

; The winder of IIIf BD was replaced by no-window of IIIc. I think it is more simple and beautiful.

IIIc (late, 1950) / 3.5cm w-nikkor-c 1:1.8 LTM

; The late type of IIIc was manufactured at the same time as IIIf BD and was composed of inner body frame different from the early type of IIIc. This IIIc was repainted 21st century.

IIIf BD (Late, 1951) / 2.8cm summon 1:5.6 (red summaron)

; I love IIIf BD. So, I classified into early and late types. The engraving of serial number was changed from 'No' to 'Nr.' on the late type of IIIf BD. The material of the eye piece was changed from brass to plastic. 

Ic (1951) / 25mm Carl Zeiss Jena Topogon T 1:4 / Voigtlander 28/35 mini viewfinder

; Ic has no range-finder system. Ic is the most small, simple and beautiful Barnack camera body.

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